Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Africa Bound ~ Part 4

Remember the movie "Out of Africa"?  Enjoy the clip?  Yes, a favorite movie of mine which in watching I feel I have missed out on an adventure of a lifetime.  My pain in the neck, ....hasn't given me any trouble in 10 weeks!   How could it switch like that?  Why I could have been with them seeing this.  Did you see the pink flamingos and the wildebeest on migration?!  Yes, they were to see all this!!

Itinerary for June 23 ~ 24

Enjoy two full days of morning and afternoon game viewings. The sound of their thundering hooves, raising massive clouds of thick red dust, has become one of the legends of the Serengeti plains. The entire ecosystem thrives from the annual migration, from the lions and birds of prey that gorge themselves on the weak and the faltering to the gamut of hungry crocodiles that lie in patient wait at each river crossing for their annual feed. Large prides of lions laze easily in the long grasses, plentiful families of elephants feed on acacia bark and trump to each other across the plains, and giraffes, gazelles, monkeys, eland, and the whole range of African wildlife is in awe-inspiring numbers

Here is the email I received on the 24th:

"We had an all day game drive today.  Another sleeping lion pride, crocs, hippos, monkeys and herds of wildebeest.  Will try for cheetah in AM before our flight to Amboseli.  We've seen all here so it is a good time to move on.  No mosquitoes yet and our sprays do a good job on the flies.  Don't know whe the next internet will be for us.  Miss all of you and will check in next opportunity."

Itinerary June 25 ~ 26

Upon arrival you will enjoy lunch and then have a road transfer to the Namanga border (2 hours) and continue to the Amboseli National Park, your home for the next two nights. Here you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro soaring in the distance. Surely this is the most spectacular backdrop for photography in any wildlife sanctuary in Africa. Famed for its scenic beauty and enormous collection of big game, Amboseli has inspired countless artists and writers including Hemingway, who described it as the essence of Africa. Search for great elephant herds rummaging in the forests, leopards prowling the salt flats, antelopes grazing the dusty plains, exotic birds nesting in green marshes, and countless other classic images of Africa.
Porini Amboseli Safari Camp is small – with just 9 spacious guest tents – and retains all the charm and feel of the traditional luxury camps of days gone by. Tents are tastefully furnished and have solar powered electric lighting with en suite bathrooms including shower, wash basin and flush toilet.

Mmmm....just have to ponder on this time for them.  

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