Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Monday, July 1, 2013

Africa Bound ~ Part 6

I got three, yes three emails!  And some photos too!  The boys are now in Amsterdam for a bit of catch up with the long flights in leaving Africa.  They will do a bit of site seeing as well as rest before they come home.....Tomorrow!!!!

Here is the first email:

We just got to our hotel and have wifi at last.  All is great and we have much to tell you. Ryan is taking a shower to wash off Africa dust. It is 8:45 AM.  Bums are sore from sitting so will see a museum today. Miss you!

Here is the second email:

We are showered and I see you picked up your mail. Went to Rijks Museum and Ryan wore me out.  Not a good sleep on the plane.  It is cool here and busy with tourists. Tonight we will get some restaurant food for a change.  Just about out of clean clothes but will make it with all dirty.  So strange coming from walking with grazing zebras to sitting watching BBC.

Africa Bound ~ Part 5

Their trip is winding to a close in Africa and I can only wonder at all the thoughts they will bring back.  African dreams of animals running on a vast savanna spread before their eyes.  No wide angle lens can capture what they have seen, felt and became a part of.  

Once again they are camping this time with Mara Porini Camp.  Can you just imagine the sounds at night?  That you can't leave your tent without letting the guard outside, with rifle, chaperone you to the dining tent for meals after dark?   

I'm sharing a video of where they are that I found on youtube just to give a taste of what they are experiencing.  I'm welling up with joy and weepy eyes at what my son is receiving of this trip.  How can you come away without an impact of the contrast of living in a California suburb and seeing a Masai village or teens his own age?  With so many teens jumping through hoops to do a community service project they don't believe in, I will always feel the benefit of traveling to places far reaching can build within you over time, how you view your prospective of the world around you.  

Again I am in awe of their time.  I don't think it hit me till this week of what and where they were.  And now...well, now I'm just bursting with curiosity and wonder.

 June 27

Selenkay Conservancy / Mara Game Reserve

Enter the traditional homelands of the Masai people as you depart to the wildlife plains of the Mara. View game en route to your lodge deep within the reserve, near hippo pools. Thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River in this area during their annual migration. Game viewing throughout the year on the Mara is excellent. Settle in for sundowners, cultural entertainment, and splendid views from your private veranda.

June 28

Masai Mara Game Reserve

Your game drives today explore the teeming habitats of the Mara. Scout for rhino in the thorn thickets, giraffe and elephant in the riverine woodlands, and masses of buffalo, wildebeest, and antelope on the savannas. Keep an eye open for cheetah, leopard, and the reserve’s noted lion prides up to 20 strong.