Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Monday, July 1, 2013

Africa Bound ~ Part 6

I got three, yes three emails!  And some photos too!  The boys are now in Amsterdam for a bit of catch up with the long flights in leaving Africa.  They will do a bit of site seeing as well as rest before they come home.....Tomorrow!!!!

Here is the first email:

We just got to our hotel and have wifi at last.  All is great and we have much to tell you. Ryan is taking a shower to wash off Africa dust. It is 8:45 AM.  Bums are sore from sitting so will see a museum today. Miss you!

Here is the second email:

We are showered and I see you picked up your mail. Went to Rijks Museum and Ryan wore me out.  Not a good sleep on the plane.  It is cool here and busy with tourists. Tonight we will get some restaurant food for a change.  Just about out of clean clothes but will make it with all dirty.  So strange coming from walking with grazing zebras to sitting watching BBC.

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