Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day one ~ Tulum

Our family wakes up in staggered time.  The East Coast daughter K. was up long before where I find her snuggled in one of the two hammocks out by the beach.  My first morning view of the ocean of multi shades of pale turquoise and dark patches where rocks are hidden below.  The water is calm and lapping on the the beach.

Once we all are dressed and ready we head to the beach side of Tulum for breakfast as we hadn't had time to get by a store to stock up for breakfast and lunch makings.  Guided by two of our daughters who have been here before, we find a place to eat that has that look of a beachy and relaxed place with an open air building of reclaimed wood everywhere.  It's called Mateo's Mexican Grill and I know I will survive because at last I can get my latte and food!  I've been running on empty since I woke up and if I don't get some substance I think my brain will shut off.

I order the Fresh Fruit Bowl with their homemade granola and it comes with sweet, thick Mayan Honey.  I have died and gone to Tulum heaven.

Once we all have eaten we head out to walk around the little shops filled with hats, embroidered dresses and tops, colorful bags, hammocks and one shop with the most enchanting jewelry and unique folk art.  

We climb back in the van to continue down the road that seems to go on forever with many small hotels and interesting looking places to dine.  We find the one place we had heard reviewers rave about on various sites called Hartwood.  

It's off to the grocery store which is huge!  It's the new store in town with appliances, clothes, pharmacy, extensive bakery, and anything else you could want.  We walk out with our load of food and head back to the Villa for some much needed relaxation by the beach.  Time to just do nothing.....and that is what a vacation should have, time to loll and dream.

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