Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy day of rest and an evening of fine food

There is something about laying by the sea, hearing the water lap the shore, the breaking of waves off the reef in the distance that frees the mind of all thought, of all necessity of care or worry.  The warmth of the sun gazes down on your almost naked body, soaking it's rays onto your skin and that dreamy, napping feel takes over in seconds.  Not long as getting a sunburn on the first day is not an option.  

How is that we can watch the water, observe others walking by or laying in their own personal peace next door, that can go on for endless hours.  The Villa is laid perfectly out on this stretch of beach.  Granted it is not a wide sandy beach, nor does if have the sandiest of inlet to walk into the water but the shade is ample as the day goes on.  There is shade and sun, whatever you wish, and there is a tropical breeze to cool the humid air.  

I watch Tim snorkel by, gliding the surface like an otter. Up and down he bobs along, moving effortlessly.  Sometimes I see him dive down then he rises up just barely breaking the surface to move to another spot to watch the fish that swim below.  The cenote near our place opens just off the shore between our space and the place next door.  Those who go in the cenote come out to the beach and snorkel to this spot. The water here is pale turquoise blue and below is a drop off from the rocky surface to that sandy circle where many fish flutter in front of the opening.

We read, we talk, we eat, we doze, we dream.  The pure bliss of doing nothing but wiggle toes in divinely soft white sand is enough for me.  

Evening comes and our tummies begin to think of food.  We drive towards Tulum beach where we had breakfast but keep driving down the long narrow road to a place we have seen great reviews of called Hartwood.   Techno vibe music greets us as well as a staff in white and a hardy glowing fire from the outdoor kitchen ovens that lies at the back of the restaurant, tempt our tastebuds with it's aroma.  The main man greets us and he reminds us of Carlos Santana with his straw hat and bushy chin length hair.  It's a celebratory evening that we are back together as family.  Our family of 6, though we are minus our son-in-law which I note we are now truly a family of 7.  Dynamics of almost two years this fall.

The dinner does not fail, nor does the atmosphere of Hartwood.  The music makes me feel young and alive, with the light of the candles on our table and around us.  I love eating outdoors like this!  

Day one is a gift to treasure.  

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