Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Monday, September 19, 2016

Carberry Tower

     Carberry Tower is just as I thought if would look, which is always nice when you make a reservation ages ago.  We managed to find the route via TimTim (hehe!), but being only one road off the main highway certainly helps.

     A long driveway that is lined with tall shady trees, just beginning their Fall color, leads us to the front of the stone structure that will be our home for three nights.  Bright green lawns, neatly trimmed surround the Tower in the front and we enter a wood paneled entry into the reception area.  A fireplace with built in stone seats and some pillows tossed on them is at one end and next to that an armored suit stands sentry to the room.  Above the fireplace is a deer skull (?) with antler horns, and  I rather would have this than the deer head and the haunting eyes gazing down.  The young woman at the desk greets us, handles the business side of checking in and we are passed our keys.

     Our rooms are to be side by side which will be nice.  There is a lift down a corridor and we laugh a bit as it is tiny and I send Megan up with her bags and Tim and I take it next.  Third floor.  We follow the numbers and back track as we have gone the wrong way but now must take our bags down and up a mini flight of stairs to go through another door that leads us to another hall and our rooms are


     Did I mention they have a low ceiling?  Tim and low ceilings are not good and the rooms are smaller than I imagined.  I send Tim down to talk to the young woman at the desk.   There is only one room available on the second floor that is a larger room.  We go down to check it out and it indeed has high ceilings.  And it feels larger.  Megan's room, in the end is a cozy, sweet room and she is fine with it.

Tim's and my room

     After a much needed washing up and tiding the hair we go downstairs to do a bit of exploring.  I'm a bit hungry as we had a light lunch that feels like it was ages ago and I remembering they do an afternoon tea.  But to our dismay you need to reserve this and we are a tad late in the day.  I was truly looking forward to a scone with jam and tea but we must be happy with a pot of tea and that is fine in the end.  The lady we have spoken to tells us to go out into the garden and she will bring us tea soon.  And what a lovely garden of trimmed boxwoods, late roses, a gurgling fountain and beyond this walled delight are vast lawns that spread out to a perimeter of dense trees.  Nearer us is a large, and clearly gorgeous old Canadian Beech tree with branches spread to the ground like a long gown.  They had lost some branches in the area facing the garden which has now made a lovely spot for weddings we are told.

     Our tea arrives and we rest our weary bodies, savor the tea, and enjoy the views that surround us.  After that we take a nice walkabout of the grounds.  Carberry Tower is quiet and tranquil.  I think all will be well for our time here.

     We had dinner in their dining room in the which all in all was delicious.  I must share photos of two items we ordered.  Megan's first course looked so beautiful.  I forgot my camera the first night but brought it the second evening. Warm couscous filling a squash blossom with the tiniest of zucchini sliced lengthwise with cubed butternut squash and puy lentils and herbs and pea shoots.  I ordered this the second night...heaven.

        Tim had  Thinly Sliced Beets with Goat Cheese that had herbs dusted around it's perimeter and toasts.

     It was a fine evening with Megan having me try her new found drink that warms your body nicely, a Hot Toddy (whisky, water, honey and lemon, served of course hot) and a bottle of wine to celebrate our gathering here in Scotland.  Then off to bed for our next day adventure.



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