Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Full days

     We have had full days since our trip began and very little down time for blogging.  Really had thought that I would have some feet up on the bed time to share but sometimes rest is far more important than typing.

    Scotland has far surpassed my expectations when it comes to hospitality, beautiful scenery, and we have had some delicious food.  We now are where the seafood has literally been just caught and brought to sell with Tim grinning ear to ear for all the choices he must make of what to order.

    I'm skipping a few days ahead of where I last wrote, and shall jump back to those previous days at some point.  My head is a tad foggy as I came down with a dreaded cold last night.  Not awful but enough to feel not myself fully.  Some wonderful gift has been bestowed upon me when we checked into Strongbarbh House in Tobermory, as there is a bathtub!  And not just a bathtub but one that I am shorter than it is long size tub.  Who doesn't appreciate a warm, hot, soaking bath when you have a cold?  After our amazing dinner (no really, it was amazing) we came back in the Scottish rain, and I declared that I was off to soak and steam for however long my body needed.  Apparently I needed that lengthy time and since we are here for another two nights I will soak at least once a day.

   We left Arrochar this morning with blue skies and a foggy mist that played around the curves of the road but never enough that we were blind.  The Lochs in Scotland are incredibly scenic.  I'm going to keep repeating myself but it is true.  Clean too.  No trash for 98% of the time.  Of course it isn't highly occupied with suburbia.

    If I was to make any request to Scotland it would be to have some extra scenic turnouts for those of us whom enjoy taking photos.  So far where there has been turnouts they have been heavily blocked by trees and shrubs.  Then the ones that do allow for a view are crowed with cars.  So without any place to pull into, we oohed and awed around every bend, because it is so pretty!  In fact we passed a Loch called Loch Awe.  How about that.  And there was a castle nearby that I did so want to stop and view from across the Loch but the turnout was packed.

    Did I mention the two lane roads are narrow?  And we pass some wide lorries and caravans?  Quite a thrill on some turns.  Then you have some crazy bicyclist who is on a ride in the mix.  Must keep on your toes.  Grateful I am not driving!

     We made it to Oban which is where we shall take the car ferry to the Isle of Mull.  Busy little town that we didn't have time to journey around except to visit a pharmacy, eat some lunch and then leave.  Another time....

      Our host at the B & B in Arrochar had said we must eat at the fish shack next to the ferry as all the catch is fresh from the nets.  We both had scallops soaked in butter and garlic.  Sweet flavored with this interesting orange thingy attached.  I didn't eat it but Tim did.


The ferry was immaculate.  People in Scotland are not piggy.  They are clean and tidy.  Did I say already how cute the little old ladies sound?  I adore hearing them chatter with their sing-song voices.

Here are some views from our trip on the ferry:

    Good night all....I need some sleep eye.

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