Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Monday, September 26, 2016

Isle of Skye ~ Where the sky is grand but the land is too

     What a glorious drive to the Isle of Skye!  Seriously the country of Scotland is beyond scenic but really it is the combo of land and the sky that create visuals of a dream that you at last see in real time.

      Lochs, quaint villages, narrow roads that wind around the lochs, sheep, cattle, and forever views.  Darn that there are not more turnouts!  I would have Tim stop at every one but there are very few and my mind is still filled with the images I have seen to date.  And honestly, my photos could never, ever capture the scenes I have seen.

     It took us the better part of the day, leaving Tobermory by 9:40 am and getting to our B & B on Skye by 4:00 pm.   We had our second less than worth the time to write about meal.  If only we had stopped earlier or driven a bit more we could have eaten something a wee better.  But not knowing the road or what we might find we stopped.  It was a large shopping, cafeteria style place (why didn't we drive on?!) We listened to an endless circle of bagpipe music of greatest pop hits.  Really.  I sort of thought we should see if there was a greatest bagpipe music of Christmas music and share that at the holidays.  For all of our family, we did not look.  You are safe!

     Skye.  If you can go.....go.  Coming across the Skye bridge you feel the uniqueness of the island.  Immediately the sky is different.  Really.  Rainbows!  Lots of rainbows!  Rain showers lend way to dappled sunshine and clouds that hold court with the heavens.

     So photos of our drive in....?  Sorry.  But I shall share photos of the Castle we passed and shall go to when we leave Skye.  We stopped to take photos because it wasn't raining and when that happens you get the camera out and start shooting.  That might be your one and only chance.

    This is Eilean Donan Castle and honestly it is from a fairly tale.  That is my humble opinion but you can decide.

      My cold has made a turn for the better though it isn't gone.  Thankfully I'm up and have energy.  But Tim and I both wonder if the water has been bothering us.  Both of us have had some light stomach issues and that is the only common food/liquid we had come up with.  Hhhhhmmm.  Oh well....just a part of travel.


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