Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Roslyn Glen

    Rosslyn Chapel is indeed a work of art but a surprise treat was mere steps away.  We had read about Roslyn Glen and Megan had been there with the group she was traveling with the previous week.  She couldn't wait to show us this enchanting forest.

    And indeed it was enchanting.  Ferns and mossy rocks, tall old trees, a broken stone wall that went meandering on and on.  A bit of bog to jump or walk around as we went deeper into the woods.  We came upon a undulating landscape that what looked like square rocks we came to think it was carved stones (rejections from Rosslyn Chapel?) that were completely covered over by soft, bright green moss.  

    There was huge knobby tree that I found out is a 600 year old chestnut tree.  

     The light that sifted through the lush landscape was dreamy soft to our eyes.  We could hear water flowing from the hillside off to the right of our walk and Megan said yes there was a stream there.  I find walking through woods to be soothing to the soul.  I wonder whom planted the row of trees that followed the old stone wall, or left the multitude of stones that lie now under a soft mantle of moss?  I listen to the song of birds, unfamiliar to my ears and the gentle trickle of water as it makes it's journey to the stream below.  All this is as important to me when I travel as seeing any museum or historic monument.  

     The light, the magic of light!  How it touches the face of my daughter and glows, lingers sometimes for minutes till the moment on that spot fades.  I caught it....

      Then she snapped a photo of me with the light.  I thought the log would have made a delightful fairy home or a village.  A child (or an adult too!) would have a bit of fun creating a magic place here.

    Megan led us on another path and we began our descent closer to the water that we could hear flowing below.  She wanted to show us a face carved into a rock wall.  Who did this and when?  A want to be mason from the chapel practicing how to carve or some druid marking a spot for a ritual?

     Tim and Megan scampered down a steeper path than I was feeling up to nor did I have my hiking shoes on for this.  They went to find the waterfall that we could see around the rock outcropping and it also got them down closer to the stream.  I don't like to miss out but I like to think that father and daughter can have the adventure that they share only.  Memories like this are dear to my heart.  

    We hike back up from the glen feeling full of fresh air with mud clinging to our shoes soles, jackets draped over our shoulders, ready to find our lodging for the next several days.  I'm ready for a spot of tea.

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