Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sometimes travel doesn't go smoothly

     It's a rest day for Tim and I.  Not because of a lack of what we could be doing but along the road of travel malady comes to detour a day.  Early on I caught a cold and despite the obvious symptoms of it I was luckily only feeling my worst for one afternoon and evening.  Unfortunately Tim is under the weather today.  Seems he ate one bad oyster, or so we think and he is in bed.  Not going anywhere for the time being.

     It's not the end of the world.  We may not see some sights we had wanted to go to but we get some down time when travel keeps you constantly go, go, go!  I have time to blog!  Read.  Rest.  Not sure how I'll get lunch or dinner since I can't drive the car, then again maybe there is takeout somewhere or I could get a cab.  We are too far to walk into town, though it could be a journey of it's own if I did.

     I'll share some of the fantastic meals we have had, and not show Tim since he wouldn't be interested in looking at food right now.

Back in Edinburgh we had lunch at Hemma.  My salad was Slow Roasted Tomato and Sweet Potato with puy lentils, asparagus, toasted pine nuts and greens.   Perfectly what I was wanting after our hike up to the top of Arthur's Seat.

At our first lodging, Carberry Tower ~ The Rose Garden dining room two of our starters were lovely to see and wonderful in flavor.
 A stuffed squash blossom filled with israeli couscous, puy lentils, and thinly sliced baby zucchini surrounded by cubed butternut squash.

Tim had a beet salad smear with a round goat cheese rolled in herbs with toasts.

Of course Tim ordered this sinfully good dessert of fudge brownie crumbled with whipped cream ....mmmmmm.  Gone lickity split!

Near where we stayed Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill was highly recommended to go to and yes it was superbly prepared seafood.  Tim ordered oysters for a starter.  Smaller than we have had typically in California with less salty flavor and some sweetness.  He said they were wonderfully.

Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill

     As we waited for our ferry that would take us to the Isle of Mull, we were told we must have lunch at the green fish shack right next to the ferry.  Fresh from the ship that day and what a busy place this was.

We both ordered the grilled scallops with butter and garlic.  Sweet and large and the only thing I wish I had was some crusty sourdough bread or Acme bread of any type.  Bread here has been all over the place but for the most part it isn't exciting.  Typically sliced brown bread is what we have had.  Then again I don't eat much bread at home.

On our arrival at Strongarbh House we were asked if we would like some tea.  Yes please!  Oh the delicate apple treat we were served.  I was over the moon happy with each bite I took.  Jane one of the owners, bakes daily and she is quite the cook!

     Dinner that night we had made reservations at Cafe Fish.  I had Pistachio crusted John Dory sitting atop a creamy broth of lemongrass and curry with the lemon grass sliced thinly, perfectly tender for the greens beneath.

  We were served our meal by a young man in a kilt!  Great service and great food on a very rainy evening.

     A heavier meal was enjoyed by us another night on Mull.  Hebridean Lodge is out of the heart of Tobermory and worth the short drive.  The chef does an incredible meal on her own with two young women serving.  I opted for a vegetarian meal of a tart filled with veggies, a bowl filled with small potatoes and local Mull cheese melted on top with some greens sauteed on the side.

Tim did a surf and turf of langostinos and highland beef.  He also ordered the cheesy potatoes and the same greens.

     I have to admit looking at the photos of all the food shots I have done, I am getting hungry.  Can't get out however.  Tim has offered me his toast he has not eaten that I brought up on a tray.  Poor boy.  I think I'll make a cup of tea and grab the fruit bar we still have.  Nibble some almonds I brought on the trip and pray he is up to eating dinner.

   Until the next post!  Ta ta!

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