Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Friday, September 23, 2016

Stormy day on the Isle of Mull

     It was a lovely day on Mull.  Well....for awhile till 1:30 pm, then the rain began and to blow, and gust.  It was quite smart of us to follow the weather app and get back before the storm set in.

    We set off to do a hike on the property of Glengorm Castle which is not far but takes far longer to get there because of the roads.  You can't drive fast or even a steady speed on single track roads.  Nope.  We have decided that ALL Audi drivers think THEY own the road and don't need to slow down for anyone or go to the passing turnouts. No they just barrel on.  Everyones else waves as you politely take the turnout for whomever is nearest to it.  All very civil.

     Glengorm isn't ancient or a ruin and is a hotel you can stay at.  Very stately and has some amazing views from the top of the hill it is perched upon.  We parked in the car park at the Glengorm Coffee Shop and set out on a clearly marked path.  Distant views of the ocean and a lonely home in a vast land of contrast.


A path to where?

After awhile we look back at the view of Glengorm Castle sitting regal on the rise.

Many, many stone wall fences for all the sheep and cattle.  I find them all ancient and rustic with a touch of charm added.

We come upon the three Standing Stones of Glengorm and take a walk down to them and check them out.  These are the only circle of standing stones on the Isle of Mull.

We see many sheep and these adorable Highland Cattle Mama and her babies.  Yes...there were twins but only this one was nearest mama.

We had planned on going to see the fort of Dun Ara but even with my written out directions, my hubby thought we were to stay on the well marked path instead of the grassy field we were meant to cross by the standing stones.  So we ventured on without knowing our way, on to a small bay inlet, which is when we knew we must be on the wrong path.  It was a lovely walk just the same.  By the time we made it back to where we were to go it began to rain.  We went on for awhile till we could see all the animals beginning to lay down, which to me is a sign of rain coming and not just a mist or light rain.  With that we headed back to the coffee shop for some much needed coffee to warm up.  It was COLD on the walk though I was plenty warm under my coat.  My face could have used something to cover my mouth and nose.  

  This is the fort of Dun Ara....we did see it but just didn't climb upon it.  At least we found it in the end.

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