Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Storr

     Drama.  Big Drama.   Looking at the landscape of where we were heading Tim and I thought of "The Lord of the Rings", "Game of Thrones" and "Outlander" films.  Can this be real?

     That is where we are hiking on a day of mixed sky of blue, fast passing clouds, rain, and wind.  Clouds that demand attention for their epic visuals of heavenly greatness.  Just as the munros do.

     The road from Portree is a ribbon of two lane roads with the occasional single-track to liven the driving experience  Thus far Skye's roads are two lanes unlike Mull which had more single-track lanes.  Good thing because there are more cars and touring buses I have noted.  Not heavy traffic by any means this time of year as it is nearing the end of the tourist trade for the most part.

     This was our first place we could turnout to take some photos of The Old Man of Storr which is the phallic shaped point you see in the distance.  Look at the sky!  The clouds played with me the entire drive.

Then this body of water came into our view with the Storr Munros in our view once again....

     Below the munros there is a small parking lot where somehow we snagged a spot.  Otherwise it appears parking is along the road (which isn't so bad after I looked down from the trail, because at least it wasn't muddy like the lot).  

     The trail head begins on a broad gravel path with some boggy spots along the way.  After you leave through several gates, and as the trail becomes gradually steeper, the path gives way to rocks, gravel, and muddy slopes.  You have to think where to put your foot in many areas.  Tim did a right good spill in front of me with a hand splat into some oozy mud.  Lucky there is plenty of wet grassy areas all around to "wash off" with.  Thank you Mother Nature.  I'll let the next photos speak for themselves.....

     Rain clouds blew in swiftly from time to time but look what happens in the sky!  Glorious!

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