Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Friday, February 3, 2012

By plane....over the pond

The flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt we were able to secure our seats ahead, and though we did have our preferred seats they sort of weren't.    E. did have the window seat and I was in the middle but E. lost the view because our row was not next to one.  On the aisle was a young man who from his accent I knew he was foreign.  I did pity the poor guy knowing that as of the female variety we would need to use the loo much more than the male variety. 

My first issue with our seats was that my seat would not recline as the flight jumpseat was behind us.  To our left was the galley which was not the place to be by.  PLEASE NOTE not sit by the galley!  When we selected our seats we didn't see the galley placement.  I was more concerned of not wanting to sit by the loo and it's traffic as well as potential odor.  Please explain to me why on the way to Europe that they want to keep you awake but when you land it is morning?!  Shouldn't they want to encourage us to sleep?  I tried to sleep with the ear plugs I brought, but there was no possible way I could sleep between the constant noise in the galley of the stewards and stewardesses chatter and of course snacks, drinks and meal service.  Every time someone sat in the jump seat it would bang the back of my seat and whoever was sitting there kept getting up and down rather than rest.  

Now the poor man next to me had all of that but the meal carts kept hitting his armrest every time they made the turn out of the galley and down the aisle.  I swear if he had had his hand on that rest it would have been severely injured.  He seemed to be able to tune out with his headphones on and like me was in it for the long haul to our destination.

E. on the other hand seems to sleep without any problem,  sometimes curled up in positions that defy comfort.  Just looking at her my neck ached!  I had borrowed a memory foam neck pillow for just that reason to help with support but since I had to sit in a "FULLY UPRIGHT" position it was not that useful for long stretches of rest.

Photo by E. ~ One of several long walks at the Frankfurt Terminal

Landing in Frankfurt.....what a lovely view from our limited window space to see thick wooded forests in rich green near the airport.  Inside Frankfurt's terminal was an army grey color scheme and in need of some dust bunny clean up.  

Crazy is arriving inside the terminal via a bus shuttle, then "technically leaving" the terminal even though we didn't, and having to "re-enter" with a baggage search of what we were carrying.  It took forever to go through as they didn't have an efficient means of searching for some reason.  So once we literally walked in one door and exited another door we were on our way to find the gate for next flight to Venice.  But first some breakfast.....At last!

We had to go to a completely different area to find where our gate was with a short amount of time between the flights after our "re-enter" search.   This gave us little time to find something to eat, but what a reward the food was that we did find.  At Meyer Feinkost I was able to get the most delicious creamy yogurt with fruit and musli.  I had already bought myself a much needed Caffe Latte and was blissfully smiling at the thought of us almost reaching our first destination of Venice.  E. bypassed breakfast and went right for some substance with a panini.  That's my daughter getting ready for our big first day! 

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  1. I'm looking forward to more of your photos! The Ai Do Mori is so darn handy to the centre of action, isn't it?