Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Friday, February 10, 2012

First views, first bridge and first knocker

When I saw the view from this bridge and I knew that I was in love with Venice.  The light in the sky, the color of the buildings and the boats lined up on the side of the canal made me smile inside because this was a place like no other I had ever been to.  

E.'s photo with her "Miniature" special effect ~ I love this look!

E. and I walked without a true path but felt we would find our way ....eventually.  

I found my first door knocker and called out to E. to stop, reached in my bag to get my camera out and snapped this shot.  My family know how I feel about "knockers" from our previous trip to Italy.  I stop often (constantly) to admire and take photos of them.  E. was forewarned before this trip that I would be taking lots of photos.

I love this photo of E. as she looks like a conqueror, and in a way we both were prepared to conquer Venice, with amore for it's charm.


Here is a close up of the church Santa Maria de Nazaret which we walked by on the opposite side of the Grand Canal.

We passed by the church of San Geremia,  stopping long enough to take a photo then kept on with my rolling suitcase clunking along, weaving in and out of others walking along or against the flow of traffic.  So much to digest and feeling the tiredness of our flight and little to none of sleep.  

I have found out that San Geremia houses the remains of Saint Lucia of Syracuse who was a Christian martyr.  She refused to marry her "pagan" betrothed and chose to give her wedding dowry to the poor.  Her betrothed was none to happy about all this and told all that she was a Christian.  With that they tried to burn her and when that didn't work they took her eyes out with a fork!  I would have liked to have given my respects to this strong woman had I known.  Next time.....

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