Africa 2017

Africa 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long way around

Thank goodness for Google Earth as that virtual program has helped me follow our path via our photos of how we made it to our hotel.  Looking at our path we sure took the long way around and I can honestly say we crossed a lot of little bridges. 

I know this because every bridge had steps and I was lifting or dragging my rolling bag over ever last know that sound?  Clunk, clunk, clunk....I am grateful I did pack light.  I am grateful I did not do two suitcases.  I saw a few of those folks attempting to drag two bags, their shoulders and arms bearing the weight, the expression of exhaustion on their faces.  I felt bad for them because they couldn't savor the sights that they walked by.  I might have been the same way but no, I was enthralled by all I saw!

  We started in the Santa Croce neighborhood crossing the Grand Canal over into the Cannaregio neighborhood, and on into the San Marco neighborhood where we were to stay.  We followed the plentiful signs that would say Piazza San Marco that were on buildings along our walk.  We didn't really need to use a map though I had bought one before our trip.

A Campo opened up and we passed the church Santa Maria Maddalena which caught my eye because of the Masonic symbol over the tall doors.

On we walked looking forward, looking left and right, looking up all the while going deeper into Venice and the immersion taking hold of us.  I wondered if we would pass this route again or how we might find it.  E. led on and I wondered what were her thoughts.  Suddenly we found ourselves looking out into the Piazza San Marco and if I had been a pilgrim I would have fallen to my knees for having found this spot!  To our left rose St. Mark's Basilica from the narrow calle we had been on. 

We wandered out and beheld the shear beauty and enormity of this Piazza.  The history that ran under my feet, up my legs, into my heart and lungs, through my eyes, the feel of old beneath my fingers, as I imagined the pageantry that had taken place here and I did feel overwhelmed.  Though we could have stood here gazing but it was time to find our hotel.  

I had an inkling of where it was in relation to the Piazza and pulled out the map for E. to read.  The Ai Do Mori is a mere one block off the Piazza.  I did mention that we had to go up  many stairs just to get to the main reception.  A small little office with very kind young woman checked us in.  Our room was another two flights up beyond that and no, there is no elevator.  Clunk, clunk, clunk my rolling bag went. At each step I lifted my bag to the next step.  How much did my bag weigh?  I should have done kettle bell lifts before this trip to prepare for this!  E. offered to help but I declined.  I needed to pull my weight on this journey.  I was dripping with sweat by the time we got to Room #6 and opened the door after much fumbling and giggling by the two of us.  I couldn't wait to unload, take a shower and of course let hubby know we had made it safe and sound.

Our room ~ E.'s photo
View into our room ~ E.'s photo

 Only one disappointment to our room was that the view was marred by scaffolding as they were working on the exterior of the building.  Just the same it was a welcome view of the Campanile of San Marco and the Clock Tower as well as part of the top of the Basilica.  Our room had two windows to look out from but this was the view that caught my eye when looking for hotels to stay at.  E. really wanted to climb out onto the scaffolding but the mommy in me was a bit scared over that!

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